Natural Beauty from Within

Looking good starts with feeling good

About Us

Keep Immaculate is the UK’s first and only brand to produce natural skincare oils adaptable for spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Also usable for hair and body care, our oils help protect from the damage of free radicals in the air, intense heat, humidity, the chill factor or cutting winds throughout all seasons; regardless of skin type or shade.

‘Feeling Good’ is our by-line; all of our oil combinations promote the natural healing properties for each season and the ever-changing, balancing, refreshing, detoxing, sensual needs of your skin, body, hair and well-being.

Built on traditional Caribbean formulae proven to promote a sense of self, beauty and well-being with highly successful results, our experienced producers have long-established sourcing connections built up over generations within Africa, Morocco and other countries.

This ensures that our products, which are not tested on animals, are of the highest quality and conform to all safety requirements.

Founded by Lydia Montoute an award-winning entrepreneur. Her first foray into beauty was in 2004 when she brought the beauty invention of the Kim Mask™ to market; a device that prevents face makeup from being disturbed when changing clothes, protecting garments from makeup contamination in return.

The Kim Mask™ won a British Invention and Innovation award and has become a valuable customer service aid with high-end clothes retailers, creating luxury, comfort and more freedom for customers when trying on clothes and protecting stock from damage caused by customers’ makeup in their changing rooms.

A little about WHY we exist…

Challenged with poor skin for many years, growing up with a diverse heritage of family knowledge of balms and oils from seasonal and local botanical ingredients, knowing that our skin reacts differently with each changing season regardless of skin type, brought Lydia to start working with biochemists and experienced professionals. She focused on pioneering a seasonal skincare line harnessing three generations of her family’s Caribbean natural remedies to target a variety of skin complaints and environmental conditions for all skin types and shades and in the process, solved that common problem of buying expensive skin care to find that it does not provide sufficient protection for the changing seasonal conditions.

Lydia personally spent years face to face on the Fenwick shop floor selling our seasonal skin care to countless happy customers where each recipient of her skin care would receive distinct homeopathic results; the self-awareness and freedom to feel good, as well as receiving the desired aesthetic and well-being results targeted to their particular condition.

Behind each product is her belief that "beauty comes from self-awareness™". She believes that someone in tune with their beauty and well-being is better equipped and more mindful to be kinder to themselves, kinder to the people they come into contact with, and more likely to look after their environment, making the world a more harmonious and beautiful place to live.