• Glamhot Hand Exfoliator® Kit (incl postage)

    As a skin polisher this product rapidly stimulates, hydrates and nourishes the skin when used with one of our All Over Essential™ Oils. The process flushes out fluid build up and toxins from the top layer of the skin to reduce puffiness whilst moisturizing, tightening, toning and smoothing out skin imperfections.


    The kit comes with one trial size bottle of Olive and Jasmine oil and one trial size bottle of Jasmine Cleanser Wash and one boil bag to complete the kit.


    Target dimpled areas, invigorate circulation and polish out rough skin patches; combine with All Over Essential™ Oils for softer, smoother and more beautiful skin.


    Polishes and smoothes the skin
    Invigorates circulation
    Tones and tightens


    This product is good for
    Blood circulation, light louver skin buffing and polishing, daily exfoliation body buffing, a cleansing skin detox, tightening and toning skin, smoothing rough patches and dimples, Mature skin, premature ageing, oily skin, breakouts, dark spots, blemishes, scaring, dry skin, spotty skin, anti-wrinkle, stretch marks, enlarged pores, fair skin, dark skin, olive skin, Asian skin, Afro-Caribbean skin, Mediterranean skin, porcelain skin, uneven skin tone, combination skin

    4 reviews for Glamhot Hand Exfoliator® Kit (incl postage)

    1. Karen

      Not only do I not need to use my expensive nice smelling body scrub all the time, I can alternate between using the glove because it really smoothed out my little rough bumps on my upper arms and hips which I normally use my expensive body scrub for, it looks so much better and I can save on using my body scrub so frequently. A good go between. Thank you!

    2. Rachel

      I loved the feeling of the warm glove on the skin whilst polishing. My skin felt smooth and looked really radiant afterwards. I would recommend you use this on your face for that extra health glow and radiance.

    3. Megan

      I bought this on a whim from Fenwicks a few weeks ago because the sales lady demonstrated it on my arms and hands and my arms and hands looked amazing afterwards in a healthy sort of tanned look. She said I could also use it on my legs. I polish my legs with it too and it comes up with that same healthy tanned sheen on my legs too. I love using it to polish my face, arms, chest and legs because it makes my skin have that holiday olive look. I’ve just bought one online for my sister. Love this product!

    4. Tonia

      I bought the peppermint wash, the glamhot hand exfoliator and the oil for my son who suffers with spots and acne. On the first use we washed his face and used the hand glove cold to exfoliate. The glove is really gentle and the wash lathered well enough, then we moisturised his face with the oil and activated the hand to polish his skin and it really brightened up his complexion. He looked noticeably bright and fresh after the first use of the wash, oil and hand glove but since then he just uses the face wash and oil morning and night and his skin really looks fresh and healthy and its working on his spots. He uses the heated hand glove occasionally when I remind him to because it does seem to improve the healthy glow to his skin even though his skin looks good just with a washing it and oiling it morning and night. I use the avocado and carrot seed oil and carrot wash for my skin and love it – it really is good for my skin.

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