• Avocado & Carrot seed Oil (incl postage)

    A powerful anti-oxidant oil loaded with vitamins A, B, C, D, and E benefits


    This powerful winter oil is equipped to keep your skin healthy and glowing, free from chapping throughout the winter weather. The highly conditioning anti-oxidants are constantly protecting the skin fighting off the elements to flaunt plump, healthy hydrated skin throughout the winter months.



    The Avocado and Carrot Seed natural antioxidant formulation is a powerful skin defence against harsh weather. The benefits of the natural hyaluronic acid, plump and rejuvenates sallow mature skin reducing the visibility of fine lines. Recommended for all ethnic types, dry and spot prone skin, effective for rashes, dermatitis, eczema and boils.



    When applied to the body, arms and legs this oil combination maintains a healthy moisture balance to promote soft supple skin.



    Avocado and Carrot Seed helps to protect the scalp from toxins as it nourishes, hydrates and strengthens hair. Recommended for all ethnic types; Ideal for normal hair especially hair that has become dry and damaged by over use of heated appliances.

    This product is good for:
    Mature skin, premature ageing, oily skin, breakouts, dark spots, blemishes, scaring, dry skin, spotty skin, anti-wrinkle, redness, stretch marks, enlarged pores, skin plumping, hyaluronic acid, psoriasis, eczema, fair skin, dark skin, olive skin, Asian skin, Afro-Caribbean skin, Mediterranean skin, porcelain skin, rashes, dermatitis, eczema and boils, light skin, sallow skin, psoriasis, detoxing, winter weather, winter seasons, UV sun protection, cell renewal, collagen, vitamin A, B, C, D, E benefits, fatty acid benefits,  skin nourishing, anti-oxidant protection, breakouts, uneven skin tone, combination skin, scaring, hair nourishing and strengthening benefits

    7 reviews for Avocado & Carrot seed Oil (incl postage)

    1. Rebecca

      I’ve been suffering with dry cheeks due to the coldness outside and the central heating indoors. Due to the time the oil takes to sink in I would maybe suggest using this as a rejuvenating night treatment unless you’re not in a hurry – (the end result is well worth it)

    2. Roslin

      I absolutely love this product, I stumbled on it by chance, not heard of it or seen it advertised anywhere but it is a hidden gem if you want your skin to look healthy and smooth. I’ve just purchased the carrot seed wash to add to it today.

    3. Olivia

      Finally i’ve found something that is natural and works! I highly recommend this product. I am on my third bottle and my skin is just looking better and better.

    4. Diane

      OMG! This product is amazing! Don’t be put off by the scent, it is a little different but it really does wonders for my skin complexion and fine lines! Just ordered another two, one for me and one for my best friend.

    5. Chloe

      The smell was not really my cup of tea to begin with, but after my first use, it made such a noticeable difference to the look and feel of my skin I carried on using it and got used to the smell because my skin looks too good when using it. If you want your skin to look smooth and radiant, I highly recommend this product and the wash! They work really well together.

    6. Mia

      Brilliant product. It’s so straight forward. Moisturise morning and night and see smooth radiant skin each day. Everyone has commented on my skin since I started using it. I know that at least 5 people have bought and started using this product because of me! Lol!

    7. Denise

      I had used all the washes and oils for 1 whole year, using the right oil and wash for each season but stopped when they finished. i’ve started using it again and I truly see how special & beneficial this range is. I have to rate the range at 5 stars and will definitely continue ordering as in two weeks it’s worked wonders and made me realise that I should never have stopped using it.

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