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Essential oil natural products for youthful skin, body tone and healthy hair

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Keep Immaculate is an enterprising and innovative company focused on giving you exceptional inner and outer beauty benefits through our advanced range of All Over Essential™ oils, washes and our completely new Thermal Therapy™ massage and beauty therapy treatments, along with innovative Impact Heat Release Technology products.


Our oils and cleanser washes for face, body, hair and massage treatments are built on a traditional Caribbean formulae that have been proven to promote a sense of self, beauty and well-being with highly successful results.


‘Feeling Good’ is our by-line; balancing the natural healing ingredients with each season and the ever-changing, refreshing, detoxing, pampering needs of your body. Our experienced producers have long-established sourcing connections built up over generations within Africa, Morocco and other countries. This ensures that our products, which are not tested on animals, are of the highest quality and conform to all safety requirements.


Look around our website, check out our testimonials, reviews and products and if you want a professional treatment, download our free mobile app to find your local KITT (Keep Immaculate Thermal Therapist).


If you are a body massage qualified, you can become a qualified KITT therapist with your own franchise business. Check out the CPD Business Program under the Thermal Therapy tab for more details.


"After 6 weeks of hands-on practical training, I was running my Keep Immaculate Thermal Therapy beauty room and retail counter within a department store. I found the insight and business support from Keep Immaculate wonderfully refreshing" - A.Khan.